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These branches of nerves convey taste sensations from the tip of the tongue to the brain. As the superior neck flap is elevated, attention should be turned to preserving the marginal mandibular MM branch of the facial nerve. The facial nerves are also responsible for conveying the different taste sensations from our tongue and oral cavities to our brains. The medical information on this site is provided as an information resource only, and is not to be used or relied on for any diagnostic or treatment purposes. The inferior division of the nerve is dissected and from this the cervical branch, which is the lowest, and subsequently the marginal mandibular branch are located and traced forward. Its course runs through the ear, giving off a branch to the stapedius muscle, and it emerges from the facial canal into the parotid gland. Gene Ontology GO Terms.
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Experience at a multispeciality hospital of Kashmir. CN7 leaves the brainstem close to CN8. Frontal Branch The subcutaneous course of the frontal temporal branch was initially described in by Ramos and Pitanguy Fig. The chorda tympani nerve which also conveys taste afferents arises within the petrous temporal bone and runs through the middle ear in order to join the lingual nerve. Many studies rely on linear measurements from landmarks to localise the nerve, yet patients vary in size and as all studies identified were performed on adult specimens, surgical procedures performed on children cannot use such measurements with confidence. The branching patterns with the buccal branches were reported. The parotid temporal fascia is not a novel fascia, as demonstrated by previous descriptions, although this term is a plea for consistency so that the course of the frontal branch can be easily related to the fascial boundaries over the zygomatic arch.
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Anatomic landmarks for localisation of the branches of the facial Anatomy

Besides small muscular, osteoarticular, and meningeal branches, radicular arteries follow each of the cervical nerve roots. Damage to the Facial Nerve 5. The nerve was then traced from the vessel posteriorly up to the antero-inferior border of the parotid gland and anteriorly to its termination near the midline where it merges with fibres of muscles of the lower lip. The temporal branch of the facial nerve, a particularly important branch in facial expression, is commonly exposed to surgical trauma. Reasons a VS could result in damage to cranial nerve 7 CN7 the facial nerve: These tumors are either called acoustic neuroma AN or vestibular schwannoma VS. The lateral femoral artery winds anterolaterally, and the medial femoral artery winds posteromedially around the neck of the femur; they ultimately anastomose with each other at the superolateral aspect of the femoral head.
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Thus, the facial artery can be used as an important landmark in locating the marginal mandibular nerve during surgical procedures. Therefore, an injury to this nerve during a surgical procedure can distort the expression of the smile as well as other facial expressions. Home Subscribe Feedback Login. A person with injury to the marginal mandibular branch of the facial nerve presents a very conspicuous deformity on opening the mouth, smiling or grimacing. Even injectables can cause enough irritation and scarring whereby care should be taken to maintain the fascial boundaries of the facial nerve during SMAS dissection. Excess of any food or supplement can have dangerous consequences.
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